Course Proposal Forms

Form What to use it for:
Course Outline of Record (COR) 
(version 0.17 - 2/09/18)
To propose new courses; all types of revisions to existing courses
Curriculum Inactivation Form To inactivate a course; this removes the course from the catalog. Also to inactivate a Distance Education Modality/ies, Degrees or Certificates
Distance Education Proposal Form To propose new Distance Education modalities; renewal or revisions to existing modalities
Dual Enrollment Proposal Form To propose and/or renew Dual Enrollment agreements with local high schools. 
Large Class Format Proposal Form  To propose, renew, or update Large Class Format approval.
Instructional Materials Fee (IMF) Request Form To add, renew, or update Instructional Materials Fees for a course. 


Program Proposal Forms

  New or Substantial Changes Nonsubstantial Changes 
Associate Degrees for Transfer
(AA-T or AS-T)

Proposal for Nonsubstantial Change to AA-T or AS-T

TMC Templates (course requirements) for ADTs 

Traditional Associate Degrees
(AA or AS)
 Certificates of Achievement
Noncredit Certificates
(Cert. of Competency or Cert. of Completion)
 Certificates of Recognition Proposal for New or Substantial Change to Certificate of Recognition

Narrative for New or Substantial Change to Certificate of Recognition
Proposal for Nonsubstantial Change to Cert. of Recognition

Narrative for Nonsubstantial Change to Cert. of Recognition


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