Program Review Committee


The College of the Redwoods’ Program Review Committee (PRC) leads and facilitates authentic assessment as it relates to student success and planning at the institution for all subject and service areas. The committee reviews Annual and Comprehensive Program Reviews that provide the strong foundation upon which College of the Redwoods develops, identifies, states, and documents quality improvement plans and goals including providing the direction of prioritization of funding and support needs as organized under the strategic planning objectives.

The purpose of the Program Review Committee is to review and evaluate annual and comprehensive program review documents for all subject and service areas. PRC finalizes each program review or annual planning document with an executive summary for the Integrated Planning Functional Committees (IPFCs) and for the District.

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Name Constituency Group
Bob Brown Instructional Co-Chair
Colin Trujillo Student Services Co-Chair
Jonothan Pace Assessment Chair and Faculty, Mathematics
Anibal Florez Faculty, Automotive Technology
Valerie Elder Faculty, Forestry & Natural Resources
Ross O'Dell Faculty, English
Maria Morrow Faculty, Environmental Science
Kintay Johnson Management
Caroline Haug Faculty, Nursing
Kelly Carbone Faculty, Del Norte
Molly Blakemore Appointed by Management Council
Emily Chang CSEA
Vacant Student Representative
Amy Moffat Institutional Research
Erik Sorensen Administrative Services Director
Name Constituency Group Role/Appointment
George Potamianos Instructional Co-Chair Ongoing-designee of VP
Stephanie Freyermuth Student Services Co-Chair Ongoing-designee of VP
Philip Mancus Assessment Chair & Faculty, DN As Appointed
Anibal Florez Faculty, Automotive Technology As Appointed
Valerie Elder Faculty, CE As Appointed
Cindy Hooper Faculty, Fine Arts As Appointed
Maria Morrow Faculty, Environmental Science As Appointed
Diqui LaPenta Faculty, Biology As Appointed
Maureen Bell Faculty, Nursing As Appointed
Caroline Haug Faculty, Nursing As Appointed
Ashley Knowlton Faculty, English (Pelican Bay, Del Norte) As Appointed
Molly Blakemore Appointed by Management Council As Appointed
Laura Meglemre CSEA Appointed by CSEA
 Vacant   Student Representative  Appointed by ASCR
 Joe Hays  IR Ex-Officio   
Erik Sorensen Administrative Services Director Appointed by VPAS

Committee Membership Terms of Service

The PRC is a representative group that makes recommendations about the content of Annual and Comprehensive program review documents as well as disseminates data to the various integrated planning committees. The PRC includes a cross sectional representation of employee groups as well as student representation (if identified). 

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Templates, Data Sets, and Faculty and Staffing Request Forms can all be found  www.redwoods.edu/program-review/


Typical Tasks

The PRC is responsible for the following:

  • The sequence, notification and evaluation of Comprehensive and Annual program review documents 
  • The format for program reviews, to include an evaluation of (1) program/unit goals and purpose, (2) program description, (3) program effectiveness, (4) recommendations and planning for program improvement, (5) course/discipline/program PLOs/SLOs and assessment, (6) student achievement data, and (7) actions taken since last program review 
  • The identification and provision of appropriate institutional research data and support for the programs and units being reviewed 
  • The calendar of program review activities 
  • Forwarding of program review subcommittee summaries and executive summaries; and 
  • Forwarding appropriate requests submitted thru program review to the Integrated Planning Functional Committee’s 
  • Providing feedback to the Assessment Committee related to the assessment information provided in program reviews 
  • In support of AP 4021, PRC will forward at risk instructional programs, to provide feedback to CIO and academic Senate on program revitalization and discontinuance. 
  • PRC will forward to appropriate VP any service area programs identified with identified performance concerns. 
  • Eureka Main Campus
  • 7351 Tompkins Hill Rd
  • Eureka, CA 95501
  • 707-476-4100