Institutional Effectiveness Committee


IEC Charge & Committee Membership
College of the Redwoods
September 11, 2015


Lead the Education Master Planning Process by:

  • Tracking the progress, and communicating assessment, of the plans
  • Leading work for the next Education Master plan and planning cycle
  • Leading work so that an annual plan and themes are developed for each upcoming year
  • Tracking the progress, organizing and assessing the annual plan

Lead the integrated planning process by:

  • Organizing and providing assessment of the integrated planning process
  • Organizing an annual planning summit
  • Communicate the Institution's progress towards its mission and plans
  • Communicate the annual plan and themes.
  • Produce an annual Institutional Effectiveness Report
  • Ensure the Institutional Effectiveness Scorecard is widely communicated to campus, and includes up to date metrics.

This committee is scheduled to meet:

3rd Thursday of each month, 3:00 PM - Paul-Chown@redwoods.edu

Upcoming Items



Name Constituency Group Terms of Service
Keith Snow-Flamer Co-Chair, President, College of the Redwoods Continuous
Bob Brown
Management Council
2 years
Paul Chown Co-Chair, Director, Institutional Effectiveness
Management Council
2 years
Amber Buntin Faculty 2-year Senate Appointments
Dan Calderwood
Faculty 2-year Senate Appointments
CSEA Representative 2 Year CSEA Appointment
Student Representative Annual ASCR Appointment
Stephanie Burres Support Position Continuous

Committee Membership Terms of Service

  • President, Co-Chair -Continuous
  • Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Co-Chair - Continuous
  • Two Management Council Representatives - 2-year Appointments
  • Two Faculty:  2-year Academic Senate Appointments
  • Classified Representative - 2-year Appointment
  • Student Representative - Annual ASCR Appointment

Typical Tasks

Maintain the Integrated Planning Timeline 
Maintain the Integrated Planning Model
Maintain the Planning, Budgeting and Program Review Manual
Lead the work for annual and long-term planning documents 
Produce an Institutional Effectiveness Report annually

  • Eureka Main Campus
  • 7351 Tompkins Hill Rd
  • Eureka, CA 95501
  • 707-476-4100