Institutional Effectiveness Committee


Lead the Education Master Planning Process by:

  • Tracking the progress, and communicating assessment, of the plans
  • Leading work for the next Education Master plan and planning cycle
  • Leading work so that an annual plan and themes are developed for each upcoming year
  • Tracking the progress, organizing and assessing the annual plan

Lead the integrated planning process by:

  • Organizing and providing assessment of the integrated planning process
  • Organizing an annual planning summit
  • Communicate the Institution's progress towards its mission and plans
  • Communicate the annual plan and themes.
  • Produce an annual Institutional Effectiveness Report
  • Ensure the Institutional Effectiveness Scorecard is widely communicated to campus and includes up to date metrics.

Upcoming Items


***Note: To find agenda on BoardDocs, click the link in the box below. It will take you to the Board of Trustees BoardDoc webpage. You must click the drop down arrow in the top right hand corner, that says 'Board of Trustees', by the little building symbol. Then choose 'Institutional Effectiveness Committee'. It will then take you to the BoardDocs webpage for the Institutional Effectiveness Committee, where you can find the current agenda.


Name Constituency Group Terms of Service
Keith Flamer Co-Chair, President and Superintendent Continuous
Amy Moffat Co-Chair, Director, Institutional Effectiveness Continuous
Bob Brown Management Council 2-years
Nicole Bryant-Lescher Management Council 2-years
Amber Buntin Faculty 2-year Senate Appointments
Tami Matsumoto Faculty 2-year Senate Appointments
Tatiana Robinson CSEA Representative 2 Year CSEA Appointment
Vacant Student Representative Annual ASCR Appointment
Amber Atkins Support Position Continuous

Committee Membership Terms of Service

  • President, Co-Chair -Continuous
  • Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Co-Chair - Continuous
  • Two Management Council Representatives - 2-year Appointments
  • Two Faculty:  2-year Academic Senate Appointments
  • Classified Representative - 2-year Appointment
  • Student Representative - Annual ASCR Appointment

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting agendas and minutes can be found on the Institutional Effectiveness Committee page on BoardDocs.

Typical Tasks

Maintain the Integrated Planning Timeline 
Maintain the Integrated Planning Model
Maintain the Planning, Budgeting and Program Review Manual
Lead the work for annual and long-term planning documents 
Produce an Institutional Effectiveness Report annually

  • Eureka Main Campus
  • 7351 Tompkins Hill Rd
  • Eureka, CA 95501
  • 707-476-4100