eLumen for Curriculum

Login to eLumen for CR at: redwoods.elumenapp.com 
Access current CORs & PORs without a login at: redwoods.elumenapp.com/public 

Effective Fall 2019, all curriculum proposals must be submitted via the eLumen Curriculum Management System. The approval process and timelines are not changing; we are moving the existing process into this web-based system. 

Original copies of active CORs last updated before the eLumen transition are archived and available in the Curriculum Archive (no longer actively maintained). 

eLumen Resources:

eLumen Step-By-Step Proposal Guide: visual step-by-step directions for how to start, edit, and review course and program curriculum proposals in eLumen.

eLumen Workflows & Stages: this guide describes each stage of the workflow in detail, including who reviews what at which stages, how to make changes after submitting, etc. 

Course Outline of Record FAQ: find the answers to questions about the individual components of the COR, like "Which SAM Code is appropriate for this course?" or "How do I know if this course can be repeatable for credit?"

Program Proposal Forms: Program proposals will still happen within eLumen, but the Curriculum Specialist will build the course requirements and recommended sequence for you. Please use the appropriate form below to provide that information: 




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