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Areas marked with an * may require a Facility Request Form. 
Please contact Tami Engman in Maintenance/Facilities to confirm. 


Primary Contact

Backup Contact

AJ 101A* & 101C*

Debbie Topping


AT*  (except 103 & 104)

Morgan Solem


AT-103* & 104*

Gihane Hyden

Creative Arts* Lorraine Pedrotti  
FM-106 (no students) Jessica Frint Stephanie Burres
FM-107 (no students) Jessica Frint  

Humanities CE Labs (upstairs)*

Morgan Solem


Humanities non CE Labs (downstairs)*

Lorraine Pedrotti

LRC-105* Shereen Cockrum  


Cindy Anderson



Lupita Martinez

Stephanie Burres
SS-121 Cheryl Krueger Natalie Barbero
SS- 203D Stephanie Burres  
Boardroom* Cynthia Petrusha Tami Engman
Theater* Tami Engman  
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  • 7351 Tompkins Hill Rd
  • Eureka, CA 95501
  • 707-476-4100