Curriculum Committee

2018-2019 Membership 

Committee Membership Terms of Service

The Committee meets during the academic year on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month from 1:00-3:00 pm with the exception of holidays and college breaks. Meetings are held in the Boardroom (SS 202) on the Eureka Campus, with availability for proposal authors to call in from other locations.  

Name Constituency Group / Role Terms of Service
Sean Thomas Committee Chair 2019-2021
Chris Lancaster Arts & Humanities 2019-2021
Mike Peterson Career & Technical Education 2019-2021
Jennifer Burlison Health & Service Areas 2018-2020
Justine Shaw  Math, Science, Behavioral & Social Sciences 2018-2020   
Levi Gill Del Norte Instructional Site 2018-2020
Michael Dennis Articulation Officer (voting)  Ongoing
Courtney Loder Curriculum Specialist (non-voting)  Ongoing
Lisa Sayles Distance Education Liaison (non-voting)  As needed
Philip Mancus Assessment Liaison (non-voting)  As needed
Angelina Hill Chief Instruction Officer (non-voting)  Ongoing



Section 3.  
Curriculum Committee Bylaws

  • Membership:  Terms of each faculty member, including the chair, shall be two years with staggered terms expiring July 1. The Committee shall consist of the following members:
  1. The chair appointed from the Committee’s members past or present by the Copresidents and confirmed by the Senate;
  2. One faculty from each division, selected by the division.  If a division chooses not to fill the position, the Copresidents may appoint a faculty member from any division to fill that vacancy.  With the exception of the chair, no division shall have more than two representatives.
  3. One faculty member, appointed by the Copresidents and confirmed by the Senate, with expertise in distance education; this member shall serve as a nonvoting, ex-officio member with signatory authority on Distance Education course proposal forms.
  4. College Articulation Officer (AO), who shall serve as a regular, voting member if the AO is a faculty member. If the AO is NOT FACULTY, they shall be a nonvoting, ex-officio member.
  5. The Chief Instruction Officer/Chief Student Services Officer (CIO/CSSO) or designee, who shall serve as a nonvoting, ex-officio member; and
  6. The Curriculum Committee chair may request a MIS Admissions and Records representative, who shall serve as a nonvoting, ex-officio member.
  • Duties and Purposes:  The Curriculum Committee is concerned with the development of and continual improvement of educational programs and the curriculum.  The major functions of the Committee are the following:
    1. To make recommendations to the Senate regarding additions, modifications, or deletions to the curriculum;
    2. To advise the Senate and the administration on issues related to curriculum and educational programs;
    3. To maintain an on-going evaluation of the college curriculum;
    4. To assist in the development and long-range planning of the overall educational program of the college; and
    5. To advise faculty who are developing groupings of classes into cohorts or other linked units.
    6. The specific functions of the Curriculum Committee are to act on the following proposals:
  • Creation, modification or deletion of programs, courses, or certificates;
  • Revision of a catalog description to reflect changes in the nature of a course;
  • Changes in hours and/or units of a course;
  • Changes in the requirements of an existing certificate or degree program;
  • Changes in prerequisites, corequisites, and recommended preparation;
  • Assignment of courses to disciplines; and
  • Significant changes in the course outline related to grading standards, method of evaluation, or instructional materials.

Curriculum revised 11/08/13; Approved by Senate 11/15/13

Revisions proposed to Senate 5/2/14; approved by Senate 05/02/14

Committee History


Typical Tasks

See the Bylaws, above.





Math, Science, Behavioral & Social Sciences


  • Eureka Main Campus
  • 7351 Tompkins Hill Rd
  • Eureka, CA 95501
  • 707-476-4100