Senate Executive Committee

Section 1.        Executive Committee

  1. Membership: The Committee shall consist of the following members:
    1. The two Senate Co-Presidents; and
    2. One Senator from each Division as defined in the Constitution of the Academic Senate, Article IV, Section 2 . These Senator members of the Executive Committee:
      1. Shall be nominated by the Co-Presidents and presented to the full Senate along with the selection criteria;
      2. Slate of Executive Committee members shall be confirmed by the full Senate no later than the second regular meeting in the fall;
      3. Shall serve a term of one year; and
      4. May serve no more than three (3) consecutive terms. 
  1. Duties and Purposes:
    1. To assist the Co-Presidents in coordinating Senate activities and generating agendas for the full Senate;
    2. To support the Co-Presidents by making recommendations regarding faculty and associate faculty to be appointed to committees and task forces, as needed;
    3. To make recommendations to the full Senate regarding Senate business;
    4. To assume other duties as designated from time to time by the Senate; and
    5. To make decisions on behalf of the full Senate at times other than the fall and spring semesters subject to the following:
      1. The Executive Committee must inform the Senate of any decisions at the next scheduled Senate meeting.
      2. The Senate may override any Executive Committee decisions.
      3. The power of the Executive Committee in this capacity is intended to be a limited power exercised only when the Senate is not in session. Executive Committee Reviewed 10/11/13; Senate approved 11/1/13
        Executive Committee Revised 11/30/15; Approved by Senate 01/15/16

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