Budget Advisory Committee


The Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) is charged with reviewing and analyzing available data to formulate and recommend annual and long-term budget priorities to the President/Superintendent.  The BAC will also play a role in monitoring the alignment of the annual budget and multi-year forecast with the Annual and Education Master plans.  The BAC, unlike the Budget Planning Committee (BPC), will not be involved in reviewing resource requests.

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Name Constituency Group Terms of Service
Julia Morrison  Co-Chair  
Levi Gill  Co-Chair  
Michelle Haggerty  President CRFO or designee
Courtney Sousa  President CSEA or designee   
Amy Moffat  IR/IEC Chair   
Lisa Gaetje  EMC Chair   
Amy Murphy  Faculty member from Transfer   
Derek Glavich  Faculty member from CE/non-transfer/non-teaching   

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