Program Review Committee


The College of the Redwoods’ Program Review Committee (PRC) leads and facilitates authentic assessment as it relates to student success and planning at the institution for all subject and service areas. The committee reviews Annual and Comprehensive Program Reviews that provide the strong foundation upon which College of the Redwoods develops, identifies, states, and documents quality improvement plans and goals including providing the direction of prioritization of funding and support needs as organized under the strategic planning objectives.

The purpose of the Program Review Committee is to review and evaluate annual and comprehensive program review documents for all subject and service areas. PRC finalizes each program review or annual planning document with an executive summary for the Integrated Planning Functional Committees (IPFCs) and for the District.

Templates, Data Sets, and Faculty and Staffing Request Forms can all be found at the new Program Review Process Pages by going to inside.redwoods, and choosing the "Program Review" link in the Accreditation Related Processes and Information box (or click here).  The PRC typically meets on the second and fourth Fridays monthly from 9am - 11am

FY 2015-16

Faculty Requests:

ADDCT Request for Faculty2015 HPEKA Athletics Request for Faculty 2015
BUS-DN Request for Faculty 2015 MATH Request for Faculty 2015
COMM STUDIES Request for Faculty 2015 MT Request for Faculty 2015
DM Request for Faculty 2015 RN Request for Faculty 2015
FNR Request for Faculty 2015 CHEM Request for Faculty 2015
HPEKA Kinesiology Faculty Request 2015 NON-CREDIT/ADULT ED Request for Fculty 2015
COUNSELOR 2 Request for Faculty 2015 COUNSELOR-EKA Request for Faculty 2015
COUNSELOR-DN Request for Faculty 2015 PARAMEDIC PROGRAM Request for Faculty 2015
EOPS-P1 Request for Faculty 2015 EOPS-P2 REquest for Faculty 2015

Staffing Requests:

AG ISS Staff Request 2015 AUTO ISS Staff Request 2015
DE ISS-2 PT Staff Request 2015 LIBRARY ISS1 Staff Request 2015
ENROLL SERV Staff Request 2015 MATH LAB Staff Request 2015
LIBRARY-DN Staff Request 2015 RES HALL Staff Request 2015
ATHLETICS Staffing Request 2015 COMM ED Student Services Staff Request 2015

NON-CREDIT/ADULT ED Admin Secretary Staff

Request 2015

*NON-CREDIT/ADULT ED ASSOC. Faculty Counselor Staff Request 2015
NON-CREDIT/ADULT ED Coord Staff Request 2015 NON-CREDIT/ADULT ED Corrections Coordinator P/T Staff Request 2015
NON-CREDIT/ADULT ED Curric Support Staff Request 2015 NON-CREDIT/ADULT ED Manager Staff Request 2015
SSSP Coordinator Staff Request 2015 ASC Staff Request 2015
BUS OFFICE Staff Request 2015 IS-IR Staff Request 2015
MAINTENANCE Staff Request 2015 PUBLIC SAFETY Staff Request 2015
CED-DIRECTOR Staff Request 2015 DSPS Staff Request2015
VPISD-Dean, Students Staffing Request ART.HUM ISS I Hrs. Increase Staff Request 2015
ASC ISS II toAOC Position Change Staffing 2015 ASC ISS III Increase Hrs Staffing Request 2015
LIBRARY SSSI Increase Hrs. Staffing Request 2015

Program Review Templates are located at: www.redwoods.edu/program-review/

2014 - 2017(three year) calendar of Annual and Comprehensive Programs, (excel format)

The administrative program reviews (VPISD, HR, VP-Admin Services, Communications /Marketing/Printing Services are due to the President's Office by October 22, 2015

Instructional and Student Service Program Reviews are due to VPISD by October 22, 2015



Program Review Executive Summaries

(Submitted Program Reviews are located in the archives for each year)

2014-2015 PRC Exec Review

2013-2014 PRC Exec Review

2012-2013 PRC Exec Review

2011-2012 PRC Exec Review

2010-2011 PRC Exec Review

2009-2010 PRC Exec Review

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