Multiple Measures Assessment Pilot Group

The Multiple Measures Assessment Pilot (M-MAP) task force is charged with engage with the RP Group and CCCCO to participate as a pilot college on behalf of the college. The goals of the M-MAP pilot project are:

  1. Contribute to the development of a data warehouse: includes creation of a secure, large, and robust data warehouse to collect, store, and analyze multiple measures which will include high school transcript and test data, as well as MIS and placement test data for each community college.
  2. Test a comprehensive analytical model: includes identification, analysis, and validation of known multiple measures data points, drawing directly from research obtained through the STEPS pilot, and leveraging of predictive analytic software to identify new data points that can serve as effective multiple measures.
  3. Inform the development of user tools for assessment and placement using multiple measures:includes the engagement of pilot colleges throughout the process to assist in development of the analytic tools and user interface, and to test the tools and models using local college data supplied through the data warehouse.

MMAP is engaged with 28 (and counting) pilot colleges from across the state that are providing feedback on the predictive models and user tools to help inform the process.


Angelina Hill - Chair

Mark Winter

Erin Wall

Sean Herrera-Thomas

Dave Bazard

Tami Matsumoto

Bruce Wagner

Tina Vaughn

Angela Winkle

Paul Chown

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