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The goal of unified branding is to represent College of the Redwoods through a consistent public image. A unified brand significantly enhances the impact of our campus marketing efforts, conveying a professional and positive image to our District’s communities. A unified brand represents our institution more effectively when competing for new students, faculty and funding resources.




Red logo
Primary Logo

The CR wordmark is the primary logo and should be used whenever possible. It is one complete digital artwork file. This customized logo is NOT a font and should NOT be recreated using standard fonts.

The wordmark should NOT be inserted into text. When the school name appears in copy, it should be spelled out as “College of the Redwoods”. The use of “CR” can appear in subsequent references.

Red monogram

The CR monogram is a shortened version of the primary wordmark.

It is more quickly interpreted and fits better for certain applications, such as promotional items.

The CR monogram is redundant when displayed on the same page with the primary wordmark. However, when using the monogram, please be sure to locate the complete school name somewhere on the same page, document or other application. The monogram is an approved institutional logo of the school and the pages that follow outline specifications and correct use.

Branding Guide

The College of the Redwoods Branding & Graphics Manual, sometimes referred to as the “Branding guide”, is currently being developed. Please review the “Quick Reference Sheet” for basic information on how to use our Primary Logo and Monogram.

The manual will serve as the official reference and provide guidelines for all campus departments and offices, and is intended to help anyone who writes, edits or designs printed, electronic, or other publications and materials for and about CR. Easy and economical to implement, the manual is useful for a variety of formats and applications, with a flexibility that allows campus units to retain their individuality and capitalize on the benefits of a unified CR brand. Consistent use of the manual will ensure that CR policies and guidelines are being properly applied to official stationery, business cards, signage, school web sites, products, publications and promotional materials.

If you have any additional questions or requests, please feel free to contact Communications & Marketing at CR-Communications@Redwoods.edu or (707) 476-4470.

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