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Absence Reporting

If you are unable to attend class for any reason, please call your Division office as soon as possible so that a notice can be posted on your classroom door. If you leave a message on voice mail, please leave the full name of your class, the classroom room number, and the time it meets.

As a courtesy to your students, please announce your absence on your voice mail or Blackboard announcements page.

You are allowed two, non-cumulative sick days per semester. (Non-cumulative means that if you didn't use your sick days, you can not save them for future semesters.)


Adult Education Attendance Reporting

Adult Education Online Reporting Tool for Weekly Attendance Reporting

To Report Attendance:

  1. Go to:http://webapps.redwoods.edu/attendancereporting/
  2. Log in (first-last, then password)
  3. Select at term, class, and date, then click "Display Roster"
  4. The start and end times will automatically populate
  5. Click the "Post" box to check the box and indicate student attendance on that date
  6. At the end of the class or after entering all attendance, scroll down, and select "Post Hours"
  7. Once you click on "Post Hours" you will not be able to make changes
  8. If there are changes or students attending but not listed on the roster, please email Edith-Ramirez@redwoods.edu to ask Edithto make the change or follow up on the student registration.
    • Please take attendance at least once during the class.
    • Report those students who have attended on the online tool.
    • With this tool we will no longer need paper rosters and you will not need to provide a Positive Attendance Roster to Tiffany Schmitcke/Admissions and Records at the end of the class!

To view the attendance you have previously reported (very useful when checking for errors), go to: http://webapps.redwoods.edu/positiveattendance/report.aspx

This report will take a LONG time to come up.  Be patient.  You can view it online or export it to Excel.  Report discrepancies to Edith Ramirez.

Please have all classes reported, in the online tool, no later than 8 AM the following Monday.  


2017-18 Admissions Calendars


California Educational Technology Collaborative (CETC)

The California Educational Technology Collaborative (CETC) offers an array of technology services, tools and resources. Most are free to administrators, faculty and staff of the California Community Colleges (CCC).

CETC Ambassador
Dan Calderwood, Computer Information Systems

CETC Services

  • Satellite Broadcast
  • e-Conferencing
  • Faculty/Staff Training
  • Electronic Repository
  • Virtual Campus
  • Network
  • CCC Directories
  • Listserv
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Fiscal Services
  • Videoconferencing
  • Purchasing/Contracts



The following checklists may be helpful in getting all the necessary tasks done at the right times.

  • Associate Faculty Checklist - Coming soon...
  • Beginning of Semester Checklist - Coming soon...
  • End of Semester Checklist (RTF document)


Computers and Workspaces

The Innovative Training Center offers several computer workstations and a laser printer for faculty and associate faculty use. Computers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The workroom also has a spacious table for general use, a photocopier, scanner and office supplies.

Please stop in Monday through Friday during open hours. You may also access these resources during evening or weekend hours by keycode. Contact us at 707-476-4342 to receive the keycode instructions.


Faculty Handbook

Draft Faculty Handbook/Revisions in progress 2016-2017. This is not a final version and some information is in the process of being updated.

A significant amount of review and revision goes into updating the Faculty Handbook.  It became apparent that a Faculty Handbook is a living document, constantly in need of revising and updating.  For that reason we have moved to an online format. Faculty are urged to review the handbook and contact the Academic Senate Office (476-4259) or Office of Instruction and Student Development (476-4109) with any questions, clarifications or suggested changes to the current material.  The Faculty Handbook is also be available through the Human Resources website.


Final Exams and Grades

Final Exams Schedule

Finals schedules are available on the CR site under "Important Dates", or on the Admissions website. 

Final Exams at the Academic Support Center

Below are a few reminders of the college policy on the examinations schedule as it relates to testing in the Academic Support Center:  

  • Please ensure that tests are received by at the Academic Support Center at least 48 hours before the scheduled test.
  • Students must bring verified photo identification to the testing center.
  • Faculty members using ASC testing administration services must provide adequate copies of their exams.  Due to limited time and resources, ASC staff cannot duplicate exams or provide students with Scantron sheets or blue books.
  • According to college regulations, students requesting exams in the Academic Support Center must take them by the designated day and time.
  • Students who receive verified accommodations with Disabled Students Programs and Services should take their final exams in the ASC at the same time as the class taking the exam.
  • Those with the accommodation of a private module can reserve their module in the Academic Support Center (limit: 4 hours). Please encourage students to reserve a module a week in advance.    

If you are unable to send the exam/s at least 48 hours in advance, please contact me to make arrangements for delivery and setup options. This will greatly help us resolve any conflicts with the final examination schedule.

Final Grades

Final grades are submitted electronically via WebAdvisor. Typically, final grades are due the Tuesday following finals week. Please contact Rianne Connor or your Division administrative staff if you have any questions. The CTE is also available to help you with using WebAdvisor, MyCR, Gradekeeper, or Excel for final grading procedures.

Important Dates

Find the academic calendar, finals schedule, athletics and other important dates online at the Events Page


Phone lists

Download pdfs of phone lists for the following sites:



Find forms and resources ready to print at Printing Services at printranet.redwoods.edu. Login with your regular CR Email and password.


Scheduling Processes

Fulltime and Associate Faculty Scheduling Process MOU

Associate Faculty Scheduling Process (click for printable version-email dated 1/29/15):

This is the new Associate Faculty scheduling process.  You will need to click on the link below and complete the form by Friday, February 20th at 5:00 p.m.  This form, available electronically, is designed to provide a mechanism by which the District can be advised of the future availability of associate faculty on an annual basis and, also, the courses associate faculty prefer to teach.

http://webapps.redwoods.edu/FacultyAvailability/- you will need to log in using your College of the Redwoods email log in credentials

Timeline Schedule – Don't miss your dates

  • Friday, January 30th – electronic form available to Associate Faculty (I'm sending out a few days early!)
  • Friday, February 13th – reminder email to Associate Faculty to complete electronic form
  • Friday, February 20th – 5:00 p.m. – deadline for submission of electronic form
  • Friday, March 20th – proposed assignments will be sent out – 1 week to respond
  • Friday, March 27th -  5:00 p.m. – responses (via email) due for proposed assignment

In the event that an associate faculty member fails to respond to the assignment proposed, the Dean, Director or Vice President may assign all or part of the load to another associate faculty member. It is important to clarify that associate faculty assignments will be determined by the Office of Instruction and Student Development using information provided on the associate faculty availability form and the following criteria, which are also listed in the CRFO contract:

  • Consistent pattern of satisfactory evaluations
  • Ranking on the appropriate seniority list
  • Relevant expertise, specialization and /or recognized accomplishments
  • Maintaining a qualified, diverse pool of associate faculty
  • Consistent adherence to district policies and procedures

If an associate faculty member has a class that is cancelled, the cancellation will not give that associate faculty member a right to automatically "bump" an already assigned class from a less senior associate faculty member. However, reasonable effort will be made to provide a class for the associate faculty member depending upon the needs of the District.

Faculty hiring, staffing of sections, determining Minimum Qualifications and overall section scheduling will be under the administrative purview of Tracey Thomas, Erin Wall, Joe Hash, Marla Gleave, Alison Stull, Ron Waters and Sheila Hall. These Deans and Directors are responsible for district-wide coordination and they do that through consultation with Campus and Site managers and the DE Director.  This provides a consistent structure for the academic mission whether the class is face-to-face, hybrid, or distance.

If you have problems with the link or the electronic evaluation form contact Paul Chown at paul-chown@redwoods.edu.

If you have other concerns regarding this form, please contact either your Dean, Director or Connie Carlson.



Syllabi Requirements, Checklist, and Required Template Insert

To meet accreditation standards everyone MUST use as the first page of their syllabus the Syllabus Template. The rest of the syllabus should be attached behind this first page.  Do not send this as two documents, the office staff does not have the time to connect them together.  This is the syllabus that will be provided to your students.

Currently there are two syllabi templates:

Faculty teaching from other sites may revise the emergency section of either template as necessary to reflect emergency procedures for their location.

Naming the Syllabus Each syllabus should be saved with the name in this format YearSemester (F,S, X),

Course ID and Section Number, Instructor Name (ex. 2012F-AG12-E2112-Rulofson.pdf).   It should be sent in PDF format to the administrative assistant for your division. Contact you administrative assistant if you are unable to PDF a document.

Submit a separate email for each different class for which you have a syllabus to the office staff. Use the subject line to indicate "Syllabus for Class Name, your name."  This will make it easier for the staff to check them off as they are submitted.

Cut and paste from the course outline of record the information regarding Catalog Description and Course Learning Outcomes at the following link: http://inside.redwoods.edu/Curriculum/Outlines/index.asp, to access this information.

Syllabi Checklist

The Syllabus Checklist.doc (click on link for printable version) is a quick checklist to make sure everything is included in the syllabus. Refer to the faculty handbook for more detailed information on the items to include in your syllabus.



Textbooks are ordered in October and April for Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall classes. Contact your Division administrative staff for further information.

Associate Faculty

Associate faculty should consult with a full-time faculty member or the Division Chair to determine who should complete the textbook order for your class(es). Turn the order in to Division administrative assistant for forwarding to the Bookstore.

Evaluation Copies

Instructors are responsible for ordering their own desk copies and can obtain them for free from the publisher. Contact the textbook publisher representative directly or order copies through the publisher's website.


Waitlist Information

  • Eureka Main Campus
  • 7351 Tompkins Hill Rd
  • Eureka, CA 95501
  • 707-476-4100